Statement on The 90th Anniversary of The Birth of Malcom X Great Revolutionary Forefather of Proletarian Islam

The following statement was issued by the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on The Occasion of The 90th anniversary of the Birth of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Malcolm X

Today is the 90th Anniversary of the birth of Malcolm X The Great Revolutionary Islamic Socialist who in his attempted synthesis of Afro-Arabian Pan Third World Nationalism with Islamic Socialism and Marxism Leninist Socialist thought helped paved the way for The emergence of the Ideology of Proletarian Islam which is Today the global ideology of The International Islamic Working Class. Malcolm X is one of The Great forefathers of Proletarian Islam and we The Proletarian Muslims shall always honor on his birth anniversary may 19th Malcolm X Was a Revolutionary Islamic Socialist and a Pan-African Arab Pan Turanian and Pan Asian Nationalist all rolled into one Malcolm x was truly unique and ahead of his time in his Islamic Socialist and Afro-Asiatic Turanist Nationalist Thought. and his ideas are much-needed in todays worlds as the Afro-Asiatic and Turanian World moves towards its National liberation from White World Imperialism and Global Zionism. the birth anniversary of Malcolm X this year is coming at an increased time of Imperialist and Zionist aggression towards the Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland. while Islamophopia is increasing as well and is at an all time high in North America and Western Europe. The Pan Islamic Working class must combat all of this by leading all of the oppressed classes and Anti-Imperialist Masses in a revolutionary struggle that will result in the creation of a single Pan Islamic Nation state that will stretch from Central Africa to Southeast Asia and to Albania and Bosnia in Europe. The African Arab Iranian  and Turkic Turanian Islamic Working class will play The Vanguard role in this struggle and after The Pan Islamic Socialist State is established The Pan Islamic Working Class  must keep on spreading The Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Revolution throughout Africa Asia and the rest of the Non-White Pan Original World until The Non-White Masses of the world have created a global Pan  Original  New Order based on Proletarian Islam and Pan Original World Nationalism and when this is done The  spirit and Soul of Malcolm X shall be at Peace.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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