Party of Proletarian Islam Victory Day Statement 2015 Long Live Proletarian Islamic Marxism Leninism Stalinism

Today is the 70th anniversary of the victory of The Asiatic Socialist Soviet Union over the Reactionary and Imperialist forces of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. The war between The Socialist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany was a clash of civilizations and a racial and ideological struggle between Asia and The White European world. Adolf Hitler wanted to expand the borders and territory of the White Germanic world and annex The Peoples and territory of The Asiatic Soviet Union to his Greater Germany But The Soviet Union and Soviet People of the great leadership of Joseph Stalin was able to defeat Hitler and his Germanic White Imperialism and expand the influence of The Asiatic Soviet Union and The ideological influence Marxism-Leninism Stalinism deep into Europe and Eastern Germany and in the process create an Socialist camp comprised of over 8 European counties. Stalin was an Non-European Asiatic Man of Georgian Ossetian Iranic ancestry and he Stalin guided by the ideology and teachings of his political mentor and fellow Asiatic Vladimir Lenin was able to build up the Soviet Union into a mighty industrial agricultural and military power that was able to withstand and beat back the Nazi Germany invasion and expanded Marxist Leninism into Europe and turn The Soviet Union into The worlds first Socialist superpower in modern times. The Victory of The Asiatic Soviet Union in The Great Patortic War was a Victory for all of Asia and The Non-White Pan Original World. today The Pan Islamic homeland which extends from central Africa to southeast Asia and up to Albania and Bosnia in Europe is also under attach and under threat from our enemies just as The Socialist Soviet Union was in 1941 The Islamic World must embrace our traditional Islamic values culture and identity and the Revolutionary Sunna of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and his family and learn from the example of Lenin and Stalin in their work to build The Socialist Soviet Union and then wage our own Pan Islamic Socialist Peoples War of Liberation to create a Pan Islamic Version of The Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin   which will be known as The Union of Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics. the day will come when The Pan Islamic Ummah  will be able to celebrate its own Victory Day just as The Socialist Soviet Union was able to do in 1945 the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and His family along with ideology of Proletarian Islam and Islamic Marxism-Leninism Stalin shall insure the global victory and triumph of The Muslims and The Pan Islamic Nation.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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