Party Statement on the 40th anniversary of The Liberation of Saigon and Southern Vietnam

April 30th is the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Saigon and The Liberation of Southern Vietnam from US Imperialism and its puppet neo-colonialist South Vietnamese puppet government the victory of The National Liberation Front of South Vietnam and The Peoples Army of North Vietnam completed The National liberation and reunification Vietnam after a century of oppression by France and then American Imperialism. the victory of the Vietnamese people in their liberation war was a great victory for all of the Non-White Pan Original World and it is also a revolutionary model of emulation for all of the other oppressed Non-White Nations and Peoples Around The World including The Muslim Peoples of The oppressed Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland. Today The Oppressed Masses of The Arab World and The Islamic Areas of Africa along with The Islamic Peoples of The Turkic Iranian and South Asian regions of the Islamic World must put the Vietnamese model of Revolutionary struggle into practice and fight to create a Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics that will consist of all of the Islamic countries that lie between central Africa and Southeast Asia and The Islamic countries of Europe such as Albania and Bosnia The final collapse of the South Vietnamese neo colonialist puppet government in April of 1975 and the liberation and reunification of Vietnam is a sacred date to Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian Muslims we celebrate with The Vietnamese Nation and we pray to Allah that we shall one day have similar success in the liberation and reunification of our own Pan Islamic Homeland and the creation of a Pan Islamic Socialist State stretching from central Africa to southeast Asia and Europe once The Pan Islamic homeland is reunified under Proletarian Islamic Socialism The Pan Islamic Nation shall fight on for the further victory of the Pan Original World Proletarian Revolution of The Oppressed Non-White Masses of The World

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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