It is Time for The Mediterranean Race to Reunite

it is time for the Mediterranean race which was responsable for some of the greatest civilizations in human history to reunite The Mediterranean Race built and maintained the ancient civilizations Akkadia Assyria. Babylon Carthage Egypt Persia Greece Rome etc and the other great civilization of the greater Mediterranean region. today the Mediterranean Race includes the Arab Nation various West African ethnic groups such as the Hausa and Fulani and such East African ethnic groups as the Somalis and the people’s of Ethiopia Eritrea and Djibouti along with the Peoples of Iran Afghanistan Tajikistan Armenia Georgia Pakistan and much of northern India. the Mediterranean race also includes the Peoples of southern Europe such as the Spanish portuguese and the Peoples of The Italian Peninsula along with The Albanians Greeks Maltese Peoples and the Peoples of Latin America. The Mediterranean Race which first originated in Northwest Africa thousands of years ago was responsible for creating the first civilizations in human history and it is high time for all of the Mediterranean descent and heritage to Reunite and recognize the historical ethnic and cultural bonds that are between them. such a reunion of The Mediterranean Race will be of great benefit to The Pan Islamic Nation since the Islamic people’s of the Greater Middle East are for the most Mediterranean Peoples and so are the Islamic Peoples of Eurasia and The Caucasus in addition The Mediterranean people’s of Europe such as The Spanish Portuguese Southern Italians Albanians and Greeks etc are also Peoples with an Islamic ancestral heritage and connections to The Islamic Peoples of Africa and Asia and the Mediterranean Peoples of southern Europe should now embrace their historical and ethnic connections to the Mediterranean Peoples of the Islamic world and shred their identity as White European Peoples and in turn the Mediterranean Peoples of the Greater Middle East and Africa should unite and create an Socialist Pan Mediterranean Peoples republic of the Greater Middle East and Africa if these actions are taken an Renaissance or Baath of The Mediterranean Race shall surly taken place in this world.

The Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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