Thanksgiving is an Racist and Imperialist White Holiday

The Thanksgiving Holiday that is celebrated every November within The United States of America is and racist and Imperialist holiday and it should not be celebrated or observed by any person of Indigenous Native American ancestry or any other person of goodwill The White European landing in Plymouth Massachusetts was an act of military aggression and colonization against The Native and Indigenous Tribes of what is now called Massachusetts and it led to the conquest of North America by the wicked white European race and the deaths of millions of Indigenous Peoples. but today there is a growing Pan Indigenous Nationalist movement within the so-called United States which has the goal of liberating what is now The United States from the rule of the White European imperialist race and creating a Pan Indigenous Socialist Republic in what is now The United States and Canada and once this is goal is accomplished The racist and Imperialist Thanksgiving holiday will not be celebrated anymore within The United States and Canada.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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