Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri Wants to Kill Black People With His Call for Martial Law in Missouri

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has shown that he is willing to commit mass murder and genocide of the Black Masses of Ferguson Missouri with his declaration of Martial Law in Ferguson Missouri and that the Black Masses and their allies on the ground in Ferguson must be ever cautious and on their ground as Governor Jay Nixon is preparing to launch an all out attack on the Black Community and its allies in Ferguson this action by Governor Jay Nixon who happens to be an elected official of the American Democratic party shows once again with his declaration of Martial Law on The Black Masses of Ferguson that the Democratic Party is no friend and ally to the Black Working Class or the New Afrikan Black Nation as a whole or any of the other oppressed. and that The Black Masses should break with The capitalist and Imperialist Democratic party and form a new Black Nationalist political party within the United States that will advocate and organize around the issues needs and concerns of the New Afrikan Black Masses. in addition the Black Working Class must organize as an independent class and assume leadership of the Black Liberation movement and lead it in the direction of Revolutionary Black Nationalism and Scientific Pan Original Socialism. and fight to create an Independent Black Socialist Nation in North America in an alliance with the other oppressed Nations of North American such as Aztlan Puerto Rico and all of the Other Non-White Indigenous Peoples and Nations of North America. the road ahead towards Black Liberation and The National Liberation of The New Afrikan Nation is going to be long and tortuous but The New Afrikan Black Nation in North America shall attain its liberation and crush The White supremacist power structure and create a Pan Original Socialist New Order of North America in a grand alliance with the other oppressed Non-White Nations of Aztlan Puerto Rico and the various Native American Nations and Tribes.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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