The Spirit of Huey P Newton and his Black Panther Party is Alive and Well in Ferguson Missouri

this week is the 25hth anniversary of the death of Comrade Huey P Newton in Oakland California but his spirit is alive and well in the city of Ferguson Missouri where in the aftermath of the brutal police murder of Michael Brown the Black Working Class has risen up in rebellion against the racist white power structure which controls that city the young Black Youth have taken up a vanguard role in the Proletarian rebellion in Ferguson. and Comrade Huey P Newton would have been particularly proud of the role of the young Black youth in the present rebellion within Ferguson. Huey P Newton may Be physically dead but his Revolutionary Black Nationalist and Communist Spirit is very much alive and well in the City of Ferguson Missouri and the Black Youth of Ferguson should study his life work and political ideology and take up the struggle for Black Liberation so that The Black Liberation Movement can march forward to a great new era of struggle and victory over the wicked forces of White World imperialism both within the United States and Worldwide The Spirit of Dr Huey P Newton is still Alive and Lives within The Revolutionary Fire of The Black Working Class and Black Youth of Ferguson Missouri who are determined to see that justice is done for Michael Brown and his family and loved ones.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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