The Armies of Saddam Hussein Are Still in The Field Fighting

It is a very common belief in many circles that the armed forces of Iraq and the various Baath Party paramilitary forces were defeated and destroyed in the fist two months of The invasion of Iraq back in 2003 but nothing could be further from the truth as the Iraqi Army and the other military forces of Baathist Iraq such as the Fedayeen Saddam and Al Quds militia were not defeated in the field rather Saddam Hussein and His sons Uday and Qusay along with Izaat Ibrahim Al-Douri and Salah Al-Mukhtar took the military forces of Baathist Iraq underground to wage people’s war and guerrila insurgency against the Invading US forces and their allies and it was this very same underground military force which waged a heroic and historic War of liberation against the American invaders and their allies from 2003-2011 which led to the withdraw of the Ground forces of The US military and most of its allies from Iraq in 2011 and it is this very same military force that was built up by Saddam Hussein in the period before The US invasion which is behind the recent military offensive in northern and central Iraq which led to the liberation of Mosul Tikrit and most of Salah Ad Din Province from The US and Iranian puppet government in Baghdad. The armies of Saddam Hussein are still in the battlefields of Iraq fighting to drive The puppet forces of The American Iranian alliance out of Arabic Iraq and no matter how long it make take they shall be victorious and The Iraqi Army and guerilla military force that Saddam Hussein built up for the defense of Iraq and The Liberation of The Pan-Arab Homeland Shall Be victorious  and  this great military forces shall go down in history as one of The greatest guerilla forces since the Vietminh and The Vietcong from The Vietnamese war  of National Liberation from Japanese French and US Imperialism. The Iraqi Liberation Armies of Saddam Hussein are indeed writing brilliant new pages and chapters in the history of Peoples guerillas warfare and National Liberation  and The Armies of Saddam Hussein will  continue on until they have completely  crushed and destroyed the American and Iranian puppet forces and liberate Iraq from the occupation of these two reactionary Anti-Arab and Islamic Forces and restore Arab Iraq to the camp of Revolutionary Arabism and Islamic Socialism. Iraq will once again become an Arab Superpower  once it is liberated  by the guerrilla Army and military Forces of The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Iraq.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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