The City of Tikrit Iraq and All of Salah Ad Din Province Has Been Liberated by The Baath Party

the great military offensive of the Iraqi Resistance has succeeded in liberating all of Salah Ad Din Province from the military forces of the American and Iranian puppet government in Baghdad the cities and towns liberated includes Tikrit The largest city in the province and the town of Al-Awja which also happens to be the birthplace of the Arab and Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Saddam Hussein. the liberation of Salah Ad Din Province is a decisive event which shows that The Baathist Led Iraqi Resistance is a force that can not be stopped or suppressed the patriotic people of Iraq love their country and their Arab identity and they are determined that Iraq will not be a slave colony to The United States and Iran. this recent military victory in Salah Ab Din Province also shows that The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Iraq and the forces allied to it such as The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries The Army of The Men of The Naqshbandi Army The Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation are very capable of liberation the whole of Iraq. and that they are able to hold on to their liberated Territory and keep on the offensive. the next step for The Baathist Led Resistance and United front is to march forward and liberate Baghdad and southern Iraq where many patriotic Iraqis of all religious sects await their liberation from the racist and sectarian rule of Iran and its sectarian death squads on the ground within Iraq. there are many Baathists and other Pro Iraqi Resistance forces in Baghdad and southern Iraq and the day is not far off when they will rise and overthrow the sectarian rule of The Pro US and Pro Iranian puppet government and the cities of Baghdad Basra Karbala Najaf and the many other cities and towns in the southern half of Iraq shall join the ranks of liberated Iraqi cites and towns such as Mosul Ramadi  and Tikrit US Imperialism and Iran shall go down to their defeat in Iraq and Iraq shall once more be a free and independent country with a Pro Arab Nationalist and Pro Arab and Islamic Socialist political orientation and a vanguard force in The National liberation Struggle of The Pan Arab Nation.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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