Al-Awaja Iraq The Sacred and Holy City of Baathism Has Been Liberated

The great military offensive of the Iraqi Revolution of 2014 has reached the town of Al Awaja Iraq the hometown and historical birthplace of President Saddam Hussein and the town has now been liberated by the military forces of The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Iraq and Al-Awja is a free village once more and its people are dedicated to the complete and total liberation of Iraq from The US and Iranian occupation of Iraq. due to Al-Awaja being The birthplace of President Saddam Hussein it is a city that is sacred and holy to all members cadre and fighters of The Saddamist Arab Baath Socialist Party and it is also sacred and holy to many Non-Baathist Arab nationalists as well. The Iraqi Revolution is truly experiencing great moments and these great moments are bound to get better and better as The Baathist Led Iraqi Resistance and Revolution moves ever forward to its final victory over the Americans and Iranians and their puppet forces on the ground within Iraq. and then after the Final Victory over The American Iranian alliance and occupation of Iraq The Iraqi Baath Party and The Arab Nationalist resistance within Iraq shall go on and build a new and liberated Iraq based on Arab Nationalism and Arab Islamic Socialism.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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