The Iraqi Baath Party and Iraqi Resistance Has Liberated Mosul Tal Afar Al-Awja Tikrit Iraq

Every since The invasion of Iraq by The United States and its allies The Baath Party of Iraq has waged one of the most heroic guerrilla struggles for National Liberation in recent times from 2003 all the way until the final withdraw of US ground troops from Iraq in 2011 in the first week of april 2014 The Iraqi Baath Party and The forces allied to it have launched a major military offensive against the puppet government of Nouri Al-Maliki that has resulted in the liberation of the city of Mosul and the whole of Nineveh Province along with The city of Tal Afar and the province of Nineveh and in a moment of great symbolic importance the home area and birthplace of President Saddam Hussein Al-Awja along with The city of Tikrit and The whole of Saladin province was liberated from The military forces of the American and Iranian backed government of Nouri-Al-Maliki the miltarty forces of the Iraqi Baath Party are on a roll and they are headed straight to Baghdad and the final liberation of Iraq from the US and Iranian occupation. The Iraqi Baath Party is determined to liberate Iraq and to once again make it into a base area for the Pan Arab Revolution and the liberation of Arab Palestine from the racist Zionist occupation The goal of the Iraqi Baath Party is to overthrow the sectarian Iranian backed regime of Nouri Al-Maliki and recreate Iraq that will be ideologically Arab Nationalist and Arab-Islamic Socialist in political orientation. a reborn Baathist Iraq will be a giant step forward to the final battle to liberate Palestine and the reunification of all of the Pan-Arab Homeland into One Nation State stretching from the Atlantic ocean to the Arabian Gulf.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be contacted at


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