The Western and Iranian Media are Lying About The Role and Involvement of The ISIS in Iraq

Every since the latest military offensive of the Iraqi Resistance begin the Western Imperialist media and the Iranian Media have been saying that the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant or ISSIS is responsible for the military offensive that led to the liberation of Mosul and Saladin province from The puppet forces of the Nouri Malaki government nothing could be further from the truth as Mosul and Saladin provinces along with other areas of Iraq were all liberate by The Forces of The Saddamist Arab Baathist Socialist Party of Iraq and its current leader General Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri and other Non-ISIS forces that are allied to them. but these facts have all been covered up by the western imperialist news media and also by the news media of The Islamic Republic of Iran both Western imperialism led by The United States of America and The Iranian government fear the prospect of a liberated Iraq that is Baathist and Arab Nationalist in political orientation. Western Imperialism wants to maintain an pro western puppet government in Iraq and The Islamic Republic of Iran wants to turn Iraq and the rest of the Arab Nation into its own personal slave colony and empire. but the Arab Masses of Iraq are determinate to liberate their Iraq from both Western Imperialism and The Iranians as well many forces outside of Iraq such as certain Pro Iranian First World White Left political groups and individuals wish to hide and cover up the fact that The Anti-Imperialist Iraqi Resistance still exists and is fighting and waging armed struggle against the US and Iranian occupation of Iraq but The Anti-US and Anti-Iranian Resistance to the occupation of Iraq is very real and it does indeed still exists as a real revolutionary and Anti imperialist force on the ground in Iraq. and this fact can not be covered up. and this Resistance is led by General Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri and The Saddamist Arab Baath Socialist Party of Iraq and it is very capable of being able to Drive both US Imperialism and all of its puppet forces out of Iraq including The Iranians as well. The Baathist Led Iraqi Resistance shall go on and continue until both The Reactionary forces of Western Imperialism and Iran are both defeated and driven from The Sacred soil of Arab and Semitic Iraq.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party for Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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