2014 Victory Day Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

Today is the 69 anniversary of the defeat of National Socialist Germany and the victory of the Asiatic Soviet Union which was then of the dynamic Asian Leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin The victory of The Socialist Soviet Union over the forces of Nazi Germany and its allies was a victory for Asia and all of Asian civilization and this day should long be celebrated by all of the Pan original Non-White World and The Pan original Adolf Hitler wanted to conquer The Asiatic Soviet Union and expand the border of The White Germanic world and Europe up to the borders of the Ural mountains and beyond but the Soviet Red army along with the workers and peasants under the leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Communist Party stop Hitler and German Imperialism cold in its tracks and in the process drove the military forces of Nazi Germany out of the borders of the Soviet Union and back to the borders of the Nazi Germany homeland with the Soviet Red Army following them in close pursuit and in late april and early May of 1945 the final deathblow to National Socialist Germany was struck when Adolf Hitler committed suicide on april 30 followed by the surrender of the german capital Berlin and its military garrison on may 2 and the final surrender of the forces of Germany on may 9th 1945. Today Barrack Obama is trying to follow in the footsteps of Hitler and conquer Russia Us Imperialism is treated by the rise of the new Nationalist Russia led by Vladimir Putin but Barrack Obama and the forces of western Imperialism will not be successful in this endeavor because the masses of the Russian federation are united behind President Vladimir Putin and the United Russia party along with the Communist Party of The Russian federation and other patriotic and nationalist forces within Russia. the president Russian state under Putin is unbeatable and Barrack Obama and Western Imperialism can not hope to beat and conquer Russia at this time as all of Asia from The Peoples Republic of China to India and Baathist Syria and Africa are all standing with Russia in its faceoff with the forces of Western Imperialism and Russia Shall Surely come out victorious in this current struggle just as it came out victorious in the struggle with Hitler and german imperialism 69 years ago

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be connected at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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