Statement on The 120th Anniversary of The Birth of Chairman Mao Zedong Long Live Maoism

Today is The 120th anniversary of the Birth of Chairman Mao Zedong The Great Leader of The Chinese Revolution and in his Time The Leader of World Socialism and The World Proletarian Revolution and The Working Class of The World. Today Chairman Mao and his revolutionary thought are blazing a path to revolution and are a guide to action for all of the Revolutionary Peoples of The World. The Pan Islamic Homeland is hurting at this point and it is in need of Chairman Mao’s concept of New Democracy in order to break the chains of feudalism bureaucratic capitalism and Imperialism within The Pan Islamic Homeland. the reactionary regimes and social classes within the Pan Islamic homeland must be overthrown by the might and power of the Pan Islamic Working class and the revolutionary classes allied to it. and its place The Islamic Maoist Peoples Democratic dictatorship of The Working Class must be installed over all of the vast Landscape of the Pan Islamic Homeland which extends from Central Africa to Southeast Asia in territory so that The Pan Islamic nation can be united into one state once again. The Teachings of Chairman Mao are also needed in the rest of Asia and Africa as well and they are also needed in Latin America and in North America among The Oppressed Non-White Original Nations such as Aztlan New Afrika Puerto Rico and The Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Revolutionary Maoism is needed in order to bring about the revolutionary unity of all of The Working classes of the Oppressed Non-White Original Peoples of The Earth. the taking up of The Revolutionary Thought of Chairman Mao Zedong and Maoism by The Non-White Pan Original Masses and The International Pan Original Working Class will bring Final Victory to The Non-White Pan Original World in the global struggle and battle to destroy and uproot White World Imperialism and Global White supremacy in all forms. The Revolutionary Ideology of Maoism will lead to The Freedom and liberation and Social emancipation of all of The Pan Original Non-White Peoples of The Earth.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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