Stalin Pan Slavism and The Liberation of Poland

One of the main founding myths of modern day  post communist Poland is that Stalin was an oppressor and enemy of Poland and The great  Polish  People on the same level as Adolf Hitler or even worst nothing in the world or in history could be further from the truth  and  this  is not true  at all  as it was comrade Joseph  Stalin and the Soviet  Red Army who saved Poland and The Polish Nation from The Anti-Slav  Nazi German Imperialism of Adolf Hitler  and retorted  Poland  to the map of the free Nations of The World. during World War Two True Polish patriots rallied around The State National Council The Union of Polish Patriots and The Polish Committee of National Liberation which in turn then organized Revolutionary Left Wing  Pan Slavic  military formations such as The Armia Ludowa and The Pro Soviet and Pro Marxist-Leninist Polish 1st and 2nd Armies which along with The Soviet Red Army was The Main military Force which drove Nazi German Imperialism from Polish Soil. The Polish 1st and 2nd armies under the outstanding leadership of Karol Swierczewski Marian Spychaliski and Michal Rola Zymierski would along with The Soviet Red Army fight on and  drive the German military  out of Poland an  back to The German capital of Berlin. where it delivered the final death-blow to Hitler’s  Germany and laid   the foundations for the establishment of the East German socialist state the German Democratic Republic which in its time became one of the leading Anti-Imperialist states in the world and a  strong     friend and ally to the Arab Islamic Socialist states in the Pan Arab Homeland such as Baathist Iraq and Syria and the Libyan Jamahiriya Islamic Socialist State of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi.   one of The lies of The modern-day Polish bourgeoise and ruling class is that Stalin hated The Polish People and The Polish  Nation which is a lie.  in reality  it was Adolf Hitler and his ideology of National Socialism along with The forces of German Imperialism which wanted to destroy Poland and The Polish ethnic group the real reality and historical  truth is that Comrade Stalin had a very deep and ardent love for The Polish People and Polish Nation and he wanted and desired to have a powerful strong and independent Poland to be established after the War with Germany. a Poland which would be Anti-Imperialist Pro Socialist and allied to The Socialist Soviet Union. Stalin during his years  Living in Russia developed a very deep love for Russia and all Slavic Peoples and Nations and he wanted an Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Western Alliance of all Slavic Nations including Poland to be established after The second world  war as he was very aware of the long centuries of Oppression that Poland and other Slavic nations and peoples  had suffered at the hands of German aggression and expansionism. and he wanted to put an end to the centuries old oppression and injustices that Poland and The Slavic World had experienced at the hands of Germany and The Germanic World. and to that end he supported The Patriotic Marxist-Leninist leadership of Poland in its calls for the stolen Polish lands on its western borders to be returned to Poland. which indeed happened in the aftermath of World War 2  Stalin wanted nothing but the absolute best for Poland and he supported Boleslaw Bierut and the Polish Marxist-Leninist in their efforts to build up and developed a Strong Democratic Poland. it is high time for Stalin’s progressive and positive role in Polish history to be acknowledged upheld and celebrated by all True Polish patriots everywhere  The reason why the Polish Nation and ethnicity survives today   is due in  a very large part to Comrade Stalin and his revolutionary and brilliant leadership of the Socialist Soviet Union During the war with The Anti-Polish and Anti -Slav forces of Adolf Hitler  and His Nazi Germany Imperialism Poland and the Great Polish people and Nation Lives Today Because of Comrade Joseph Stalin

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