Proletarian Islamic Stalinism Pan Indo-iranian Nationalsm The National Question in Pakistan and The Global Pan Islamic World Revolution

Pakistan is a multi ethnic society and over the years since its founding there has been tensions at times between the four major ethnic groups of Pakistan such as the Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi Peoples this is very unfortunate since all four of these ethnic groups have so much in common with each other such as all of them being Indo-Iranian  Peoples with a common  Indo- Iranian Culture and identity along with having an Islamic culture heritage and identity in common with each other as well. since the overwhelming majority of the Peoples within these ethnic groups are all Muslim it is in the best interests of the Pan Islamic Nation and The Global Proletarian Islamic World Revolution and also  for the good of The Indo -Iranian World and The Pan Islamic Homeland that these tensions and potentially antagonistic contradictions between these four major ethnic  groups of Pakistan  be bought to an end. as soon as possible. so that The Global Pan Islamic and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Revolution can march on to its final victory over White World Western Imperialism and Global White Zionism. and also so that Western Imperialism  and Global Zionism can not take advantage of the contradictions   to  divide Pakistan into ethnic ministates     a strong and United Islamic Pakistan is in the best interests  of the Global Pan Islamic World Revolution and the global anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist World Struggle.   a Pakistan government under The Ideology of Proletarian Islamic Socialism  can and will end the tensions between the four major Indo-Iranian ethnic   groups of Pakistan  by giving each group an autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic within a unified Proletarian Islamic Soviet Socialist Pakistani Nation State. this Pakistani Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be based on The Leninist Stalinist National Polices from The Soviet Union of Lenin’s and Stalin’s Time. each of these four Pakistani ethnic groups will be allowed to have its own Soviet Republic within a Proletarian Islamic Pakistan where each ethnic group will be allowed to have a culture that is National in form and  Proletarian  Islamic Socialist and Stalinist in content. many of the smaller ethnic groups  within the county shall also under  the proletarian Islamic socialist Stalinist  national  policy   enjoy  compete and total freedom to express their cultural and ethnic  identity without any type of  oppression  directed  what so ever  towards   them.  The Stalinist National policy of Comrade Joseph Stalin applied to Pakistan will bring about The Renaissance of The Baloch Pashtun Punjabi and Sindhi people within Pakistan and the influence of this policy will spread to the neighboring Indo Iranian countries of Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran India and the other countries  and regions of The Indo-Iranian World. by putting into practice Stalin’s National Policy   Pakistan will become  a stronger and more stable country. and it will then be able to fulfill its destiny as an fortress vanguard nation of the Global Pan Islamic Socialist World proletarian Revolution of The Pan Islamic Working Class. and it will be in an even stronger position to help spread both The Proletarian Islamic Revolution and The Pan Asiatic Proletarian Revolution to The rest of Asia. an Islamic Socialist and Proletarian Islamic Stalinist Pakistan under a Proletarian Islamic government shall be a mighty and powerful Base area for The Proletarian Islamic World Socialist Revolution.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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