Why Stalin was Good for Socialism and The World Proletarian Revolution

it is often asked by some people what good did Stalin do and why does the International Communist movement uphold and celebrate The life and legacy of this great leader of the proletariat and the answer to this question is simple Stalin is upheld by true revolutionary communists because during his leadership The Socialist Soviet Union and The International Communist Movement went from Victory to Victory The soviet union completed its Socialist construction and beat back the reactionary forces of World Fascism and it helped spread Socialism to nearly 11 other countries around the world during This time when Comrade Stalin rule over the Soviet State and Marxism-Leninism become the major anti-Imperialist ideology in the World. Marxism-Leninism around the world went from victory to victory during the time that Stalin was leader of the International Communist Movement. The USSR was an Asian Country on the frontier of Asia and it was JV Stalin who defended the frontiers of Asia. by defeating the forces of German Imperialism and Its Allies Led by Adolf Hitler after the defeat of the so-called German National Socialism Stalin oversaw the creation The Marxist-Leninist Socialist bloc of Nations in Europe including the eastern half of Germany. and in Asia Stalin played the key role in crushing Japanese Imperialism which led to The formation o The Democratic Republic of Korea The DPRK also know as North Korea which has lasted to this very day as a strong and vibrant Asian Socialist Country. The defeat of Imperial Japan by Stalin’s Red Army also played a role in the final victory of the Chinese Communist Party and The formation of Maoist China Under The Leadership of The Great Chairman Mao Zedong. and it also played a role in the victory of The Vietnamese National liberation struggle under Comrade Ho Chin Minh and The Communist Party of Vietnam. today The Teachings of JV Stalin must be studied like never before so that Socialism and Communism can triumph throughout the world and so that a Socialist and Communist World can be created on the planet a Communist world where there will be no more oppression and where Freedom justice and equity will exist for all People.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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