Russia Will Return to Afghanistan

Russia will return to Afghanistan a combination of history and The geopolitical situation in Central Asia and The Eurasian region as a whole has left no other choice for Russia The position of US imperialism in Afghanistan is unreality and unattainable so The Us is planing to cut a deal with elements within The Taliban to let them once again take control of Afghanistan and dominate the country as they did before the September 11 period. for the past decade after invading Afghanistan in the aftermath of 911 The United States has been trying to make Afghanistan a puppet client state and a base area for the further expansion of its Imperialist influence in the region in order to fulfill and carry out This agenda which is a part of the imperialist geopolitical worldview and goal of The Zbigninew Brzezinski faction of US Imperialism which is to control all of Central Asia and The Eurasian Landmass in its mad scheme to bring about permanent Us Hegemony over the world historically Afghanistan has been seen as within the Russian and Eurasian spree of influence by Russian geopolitical Thought and Russia can not sit back and allow The Taliban and Al Qaeda to retake control of Afghanistan and destabilize the region. after US imperialism pulls out The bulk of its ground forces in The country Russia is going to have to return to Afghanistan and play a major and key role in stabilizing the country. and it must help build up a prosperous and powerful Afghanistan with a Pro Euransianist Iranian Turanist orientation and geopolitical outlook. The current president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is a Pan Iranian Nationalist and Indo- Iranian Nationalist who wishes for stronger ties with Iran and The Greater Iranian and Indo- Iranian World such as with India. and with Russia as well if Slavic Russia wishes to play a positive and progressive role in Afghanistan and the greater Turkic and Iranic regions of central Asia it should embrace its Turkic Iranic and Mongolian heritage and blood and come to the aid of Afghanistan as a brother nation and friendly neighbor and not as a hostile power. and help Afghanistan rebuild itself from the ravages of Western Imperialism and The Taliban. Russia help can and will go a long way in this regards. as Afghanistan is a Mixed multi country of Iranic Turkic and Mongolian Peoples just as Russia in Afghanistan The Pashtun Tajiks and Baloch are Iranic while the Turkmen and Uzbeks are Turkic Peoples and the Hazara People are a Mongolian people mixed with Iranic and Turkic Blood. The Two countries Afghanistan and Russia have a basis for a common future together since Russia and the Russian ethnic group also has Iranian blood which goes back to the time of the Ancient Scythians who were an Iranic Turkic people along with The well-known Turkic and Mongolian Blood which runs though Russian veins. history calls upon Russia to play a leading and decisive role in crushing both The Influence of US Imperialism in Central Asia and the reactionary Taliban Russia is going to have to come to a greater understanding of its Iranic Turkic and Mongolian blood heritage and identity so that it can found a common ethnic and culture ground with the region and relate better to Afghanistan and the neighboring Iranic Turkic and Mongolian and Indo-Iranian Peoples. a Russia that is aware of its Iranic Turkic and Mongolian blood ethnic heritage culture and identity will be able to carry out the historic and sacred task of defeating The Imperialist agenda and plans of Zbigniew Brzezinski for Central Asia and the Eurasian Region. and creating a rand new day and Social Order for all of Asia and Eurasia.

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