The Ukraine Must Return to The Marxist Leninist Path of Lenin and Stalin

The Ukraine must return to the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist path of Lenin and Stalin the people of the Ukraine have suffered greatly since the fall of scientific socialism in the Soviet Union and the only thing that will end this suffering is for the Ukraine to return to the revolutionary path of Lenin and Stalin every since the fall of the Soviet Union the people of the Ukraine have seen the political cultural social and economic decline of their as tens of thousands of Ukrainians have migrated from their homeland to other countries also millions of Ukrainian Women have been forced into the international sex trade. Ukraine is a great country and the Ukrainian people are a great people with a great history and culture that goes all the way back to the times of the state of Kievan Rus and its great rulers such as Oleg of Novgorod Igor of Kiev ST Olga of Kiev Sviatoslav the 1st Yaropolk 1 Vladimir The Great Yaroslav The Wise Ukraine during the time of The Kingdom of Kievan Rus was one of the richest and most culturally advanced states in The World. in more recent times The Ukrainian Working class played a key and decisive role in The great October revolution in 1917 and in the following Russian civil war which led to the formation of The Soviet Union. Ukrainian workers played a key role in smashing the counter-revolution white army and the bourgeois Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukraine would go on to make great and tremendous agricultural industrial progress as a Soviet Republic within The great Soviet Union. during the Great Patriotic War of The Soviet Union The Ukrainian Workers and peasantry would rally to the banner of Stalin and Soviet Power and defeat The Invading armies of German imperialism and its ally the fascist Ukrainian Insurgent Army The reactionary forces of German Imperialism and The pro fascist forces of The Ukrainian Insurgent Army would be defeated and the Ukraine would resume its glorious march as a Soviet Republic. and it again become a Socialist powerhouse within the Soviet Union which was respected by forces from within and outside of The Soviet Union. Ukraine was indeed a great agricultural industrial and military powerhouse of Soviet Socialist Power during the time of the Soviet Union and it will indeed become such again if it returns to the Marxist-Leninist teachings and path of Lenin and Stalin which it will no doubt do so in the coming future.

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