The Assad Family and The Syrian Baath Party Have Been The Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood along with Anti-Assad Arab Nationalist and other forces have been busy spreading The lies that The Assad Family of Syria and The Syrian Baath along with The National Progressive Front of Syria have never done anything for Palestine and towards The liberation of Palestine some dishonest forces and individuals go so far as say that The Assad family has never fried a shot in anger at Israel this is an outright lie and distortion of history nothing could be further from the truth from the time that the Father of the current Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad led Syria all the way down to the present day Arab Islamic Socialist Syria has been the leading base area in the Pan-Arab Homeland for The Palestinian Revolution and the Armed Struggle to liberate it from Zionist control. from the time of the Corrective revolution of 1970 the liberation of Arab Palatine has been a top priority for The Assad Family as Syria under their leadership was turned into a gigantic base camp for the Palestinian Revolution and for the liberation of Arab Palestine. with this goal in mind President Hafiz Al-Assad launched a Pan-Arab War of Liberation to liberate the Golan heights and all of Arab Palestine in the Ramadan War in 1973 which was known as the October war or Yom Kippur war in Israel and The White Western World. Syrian forces in that war put up a heroic fight and Jihad and they nearly liberated the Golan heights in this war while at the same time they also restored Arab Honor and pride in the wake of the 1967 defeat of the Arab armies by Israel the Zionist entity. the rest of the decade would see President Hafiz Al-Assad increase Syria s support for The Palestinian Revolution with its support for The Palestinian Branch of The Baath Party As-Sa iqa and other revolutionary Arab Nationalist organizations within The Pan-Arab Homeland. Zaki Al- Arsuzi the Original and first founder of Baathist Ideology and Thought wrote that The only way that Israel could be defeated was for Iran to join in and become an actor in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine. Hafiz Al-Assad being a loyal student and disciple of Zaki Al-Arsuzi was overjoyed and delighted with The Victory of The Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the overthrowment of the Shah and The Coming to power of Imam Khomeini and Iran s new-found commitment to The Arab and Islamic cause and The liberation of Arab Palestine from Zionist occupation. Hafiz Al-Assad established during this time in history an Iranian Syrian alliance that has lasted to this very day and hour. both Hafiz al-Assd and his son Bashar would even put aside Ideological differences with The Muslim Brotherhood in the interests of The Liberation of Arab Palestine and they put their full support towards The Hamas organization in its struggle to liberate Palestine and defeat Israel and Hamas has scored its greatest victories over Israel while being allied with and having the support of The Assad Family and Baathist Syria. after the untimely death of Syrian President Hafiz Al-Assad in the year 200 his son The Revolutionary Arab Nationalist and Islamic Socialist Bashar Al-Assad would continue The Revolutionary Pro Palestine polices of his Father Hafiz Al-Assad indeed President Bashar Al-Asad deepened and increased Syria s Support to all of The fighting groups that were engaged in the armed struggle to liberate Palestine and this includes The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon who in the year 2000 with the support of Baathist Syria were able to finally drive Israel from South Lebanon some years later the Syrian Baathist Hezbollah Alliance were able in the summer of the year 2006 to defeat Israel again in The July War. The Assad family has done much for the Palestinian Revolution and the struggle to liberate Palestine and this is why White Western imperialism and the forces of global Zionism wish to bring down and destroy The Assad Government and Baathist Islamic Socialist Syria but they will not succeed in this plan as The Assad family and Baathist Syria has the support of all of the true Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist masses of Syria Palestine and the rest of Greater Syria. The Asssd Family along with all of Syrian led Arab Baath Socialist Party and they have been the Chief Defenders of Palestine and The Palestinian Revolution and they shall be victorious against The Forces of White World Imperialism Zionism and Global Wahhabism.

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