Baathist Arab Islamic Socialist Syria is Fighting US Backed Saudi Style Wahhabism and Fascism

White Western Imperialism and its ally Saudi Arab are out to destroy the 3 thousand-year old Semitic civilization of Syria and to replace it with Saudi style Wahhabism and barbarism The great majority of the Syrian People do not want this and so they are rallying around Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian Arab Baath Socialist Party and its Arab Socialist and Marxist-Leninist allies in The National Progressive Front of Syria. the battle between the forces of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria and the forces of Saudi Wahhabism will determine the fate of the whole of the Pan Islamic Homeland for the next 400 years The Masses of Syria are determined to not allow a Wahhabism style government to be established in Damascus and so far they have been able to beat back and crush all of the offensives that the Saudi and Imperialist backed rebels have launched. Saudi Style Wahhabism is a clear and present danger to all of The Islamic Peoples of The Earth and it must be defeated at all coasts as Saudi Style Wahhabism is The Fascism of Our Time and it is Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad his Party The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Syria along with its Arab Socialist and Marxist-Leninist Allies in The National Progressive Front of Syria are The main forces on The Frontlines that are fighting and holding back the tide of Wahhabism fascism in The Arab and Islamic World at this time. and all true Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist forces and Individuals must stand with and support President Bashar Al-Assad and Arab Islamic Socialist Syria in The battle to crush and defeat White Western Imperialism and The Fascist Ideology of Wahhabism.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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