The Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar are Trying to Provoke a Libyan and Syrian Style Civil War in Egypt

The Egyptian muslim Brotherhood organization and its Qatari sponsors are trying to provoke a Libyan and Syrian civil war in Egypt in order to bring down the government of the Supreme council of The Armed Forces and install a totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood dominated government in its place which would be closely allied to Qatar The Muslim Brotherhood have ben bringing their followers and mass base of supporter into the streets in order to carry out this reactionary goal but the majority of the people in Egypt do not wish to live under a Muslim brotherhood dominated government and they are looking to the Egyptian armed forces to crush and defeat the forces of The Muslim Brotherhood and their allies and save Egypt in the process and so many are backing The Egyptian Armed forces crackdown on The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies. Egypt is in its most difficult and decisive moment in its long and very eventful history. what the people of Egypt decide to do next in their political life will determined it the Egyptian nation lives or dies but whatever may end up happening The Egyptian people must reject the call by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood organization to start a Libyan and Syrian style civil war in The Land of Egypt The Pan Islamic Working class must work to create a new vanguard political party and united front within the country and create a new Islamic Socialist Government for Egypt and turn Egypt into a revolutionary base area for Africa and The Arab World and all of Asia and The Pan Islamic Homeland.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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