President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela Lives

July 28 2013 was the 59th birthday of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela even though he is not with us in the physical he is still with the oppressed of the world in spirit he is with The Pro Gaddafi Green Resistance in Libya who are still in the felids batting to free the Libya from the grip of the pro western rats who have overrun the country with NATO support Hugo Chavez is with President Bashar Al-Assad and the heroic anti Imperialist masses of Baathist Syria under his leadership he is with the Democratic Republic of North Korea as its continues to face off and defy Western Imperialism. Hugo Chavez is with The Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran as it faces down Western imperialism a Global Zionist and the right to have a nuclear program to develop the economy of its country in whatever ways that it sees fit to do so. Hugo Chavez is with the long suffrinfing people of Palestine and the masses of the Pan-Arab and Pan-African World in the battle to liberate and reunify The Pan-Arab and Pan-African Nation Hugo Chavez is with the people of Hugo Chavez is with The Black Latino and Indigenous masses within the United States who are struggling against the instituted racism and national oppression within the United States and for the National liberation of Aztlan The New Afrikan Black Nation Puerto Rico and all of the ingenuous Nations of Turtle island . Hugo Chavez is with the people of Venezuela and all of Latin America in the fight to create one Pan Latino Nation stretching from Aztlan to Uruguay President Hugo Chavez is not he dead he lives and marches on throughout the world wherever you find the oppressed and exploited masses striking back and destroying imperialism Hugo Chavez is with them in spirit Hugo Chavez Lives.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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