Glory to Fidel Castro The Revolutionary Marxist Leninist and Founder of Socialist Cuba

Comrade Fidel Castro is truly one of the greatest men of our time he led one of the greatest revolutions of The 20th century to victory in Cuba and become The Most succesful Socialist Leaders in The History of North America as The Cuban Revolution was the first and to this date only time that a socialist revolution under working class leadership was succesful in North America. and for this alone Comrade Fidel Castro should be celebrated and honored forever by the Revolutionary camp of the World but Fidel has done so much more for the Pan Original World Socialist Revolution from declaring solidarity with The Oppressed New Afrikan Black Nation and Puerto Rico and the Work of The Islamic Socialist Nation of Islam of Islam under The then Leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X to supporting revolutionary movement in The Pan Islamic homeland such as the world of Mehdi Ben Barka in Morocco to Southern African where it was The Cuban Internationalist Pan african army which broke the back of White Ruled Apartheid South Africa Comrade Kim IL Sung the great leader of Socialist Korea the DPRK North Korea was very impressed with the victory of The Socialist Cuban revolution and its example inspired Socialist Korea to even greater success in its own socialist construction. and struggle for Korean reunification. Fidel Greatest success has been in North America where he is the one person to date that has led a socialist revolution under working class leadership to state power and victory when he was able to seize state power for the Cuban Working class from the Reactionary pro imperialist Bastia and his comprador bourgeoisie in the year 1959 and to declare Cuba a Marxist-Leninist Socialist State two years later in 1961 and to this very day Cuba remains Socialist and Marxist-Leninist while many other Marxist-Leninist Socialist States have fallen but Socialist Cuba is still standing tall due to the outstanding Marxist-Leninist understanding and insight of Comrade Fidel Castro Comrade Fidel Castro is the father of modern Cuba and the founder of The Socialist Cuban State he oversaw and founded all of the Socialist Institutions of Modern Cuba such as the Internationalist Cuban armed forces its first-rate medical heath care system and its universal educational system and today Comrade fidel castro is an ideological figure for the leaders of the emerging Left Nationalist States in Latin America such as Evo Morales of Bolivia Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela among others Fidel Castro is indeed one of the greatest Marxist-Leninist Socialist Revolutionaries of our time and his life work and Marxist-Leninist teachings should be studied and followed in order to bring about the global triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution of The Black Brown Red Yellow and Slavic Masses of the world. in the global battle to defeat and destroy White World Imperialism and global capitalism and to create a Socialist and ultimately Communist World.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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