The Egyptian Army Will Coup Out Mohamed Morsi

The Egyptian army will coup out Mohamed Morsi it is only a matter of a few more hours and Morsu will be gone The real question will be what comes after will The coup will The Muslim Brotherhood organization and its Wahhabi allies along with Saudi Arabi take their loss of power laying down or will they lauch a rear gourd insurgency against the Egyptian Army and The Anti brotherhood and anti – Wahabi masses of Egypt and plague Egypt into a Syria style civil war only time will tell at this point but today will be a history and memorable day for Egypt and The World. The Pan Islamic Working Class of Egypt must build up its own independent organizations and strength and mass base so that it be in a political position to play a major and decisive role in the coming revolutionary struggles and tasks that lay ahead in Egypt and to one day seize state power and create a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Egypt that will construct and build a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Order in The Old Land of The Pharaohs as a Base Area of The Proletarian Islamic World Proletarian Revolution and Pan Original World Revolution of The Non-White Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of The World in The Global Battle and struggle to crush and defeat White World Imperialism and supremacy.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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