The Egyptian Army Has Now Couped Out Morsi from Power

The Egyptian Army has now couped out Mohmed Morsi from power and are now in total control of the Egyptian state for now what comes next is hard to say for certain as theer are many political actors and players within Egypt and from outside of the country who are now happy to see Mohamed Morsi deposed from power by the Egyptian army this includes The Muslim Brotherhood organization and the Wahhabi forces from within Egypt and outside of Egypt you have The United State government under President Barack Obama who gave The Muslim Brotherhood the green light to take state power in Egypt in the frist place and within the regime The Justice and Development party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan along with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are unhappy to see the Brotherhood Wahhabi bloc lose political power in Egypt. The Egyptian brotherhood organization along with their Wahhabi allies may very well launch a reactionary counter insurgency to try to regain power. if this does happen then The Pan Islamic Working Class of Egypt must ally with all Anti-Brotherhood and Wahhabi forces within Egyptian society and from a very broad patriotic front to take down and destroy the Muslim Brotherhood organization and Wahhabism once and for all in The Land of Egypt and preserve Egyptian culture and civilization in the process so that Egypt will be able to play a vanguard political social economic and military role in the larger battle to uproot and destroy The Muslim Brother organization and Wahhabism in all The Land and territory of The Vast Pan Islamic Homeland which stretches from central Africa to southeast Asia and beyond.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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