Statement on The 83th Anniversary of The Coming of The Islamic Socialist Master Fard Muhammad to North America

Today is the 83th anniversary of the coming of Master Fard Muhammad to north America to the city of Detroit Michigan where this day it is said and written that he begin to teach Islamic Socialism in the Black and Latino working class communities within that city. The aim of Master Fard Muhammad was to reconnect The Lost found Black and Latino masses of North America with their Islamic heritage and identity and the teachings of Islamic Socialism as a frist step toward the revolutionary revival of Islam throughout the world Today The Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad are badly needed throughout the African Arab Iranic Turkic and Malay Mongolian worlds of Islam The Revolution Islamic Socialist Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad must be accepted throughout the whole of the world Islam and beyond so that Islam Islamic Socialism and The Power respect and glory of The Pan Islamic Nation can be revived and restored throughout The World.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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