Egyptian Women Hold UP Half The Sky

Egyptian Women Hold of Half the sky from the day of the legendary Black Goddess Isis and the great female Pharaoh Hatshepsut and warrior queen Cleopatra to Tahia Kazem The Revolutionary Wife of Gamal Abdel Nasser and the revolutionary warrior women who battle The British French and Israeli aggressors during The Suez War of 1956 to the Egyptian Women of our Time who have played a leading and key role in the struggle against Hosni Mubarak and The Muslim Brotherhood regime of Morsi Egyptian Women have held the Half The Sky since The Very beginning of the Egypt tp the present day and they must continue to do so in the coming revolutionary battle and struggles in the days ahead to create a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Maoist Egypt as a Base Area of The Proletarian Islamic and Pan orignal World Revolution. as The Revolutionary Communist Mao Zedong taught us in countries and nations oppressed by Imperialism Women have the three mountains of feudalism bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism to overcome and destroy and there is no doubt that The Women of Egypt will be able to overcome and destroy these three mountains of oppression that weigh so heavily on them in the struggle to create a new Anti-Imperialist and Revolution Egypt.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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