Egypt is on The Brink of Civil War

Mohammed Morsi and his Leader Mohammed Bardi are moving full steam ahead with their wicked plan to convert Egypt into a one Party totalitarian state that will be under the sole control of The Muslim Brotherhood organization in this wicked plan of their The Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have the total support of The US Imperialism and the current American Presidential admiration under Barrack Obama and the trilaterist wing of US Imperialism Barrack Obama and his ruling circle are grateful for all of the money and political support that The various front organization of The Muslim Brotherhood have given to Barrack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 Us Presidential elections and The Obama admiration has given permission for The Muslim Brotherhood organization to take control of Egypt and other Arab and Islamic countries the brotherhood is the largest political party and mass movement in Egypt but there are still tens and tens of million of Egyptian that do not have any wish or desire to live in a Muslim Brotherhood dominated one party state and theses Egyptians are now taking to the streets to demand that Mohammed Morsi reigns and steps down as president of Egypt Morsi and the Brotherhood do not intended to step down and the mass organs of the brotherhood along with elements of The Egyptian governments such as the police and state security forces have responded with brute force in order to crush the democratic demands of The Egyptian people who are in the streets calling for the resignation of Mohammad Morsi the die is cast and Egypt is set for a civil war between The comprador Imperialist backed Brotherhood Wahhabi alliance in Egypt and the Anti brotherhood and Anti-Wahhabi Masses of Egypt this battle will deceive the fate of The Arab African and Islamic Worlds for the 100 years to come The Pan Islamic Working Class of Egypt must firmly establish The Egyptian Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and fight for state power in Egypt and create a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Socialist State in Egypt as a base area for both The Proletarian Islamic World Proletarian Revolution and The Pan Original World Proletarian Revolution of The Non-White Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of The Earth a Proletarian Islamic Maoist Egypt will also play a key role in the final liberation of Arab and Islamic Palestine from The rule of White Zionist rule. in the meantime the immature task in Egypt must be the consolidation of a very Anti-Brotherhood and Anti -Wahhabi patriotic United front of all individual classes and political forces in Egyptian society that are opposed to the Brotherhood and Wahhabi Imperialist backed Morsi Regime in Egypt.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at


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