Victory to The Great Uprising of The Turkish People in Taksim Square

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam supports the masses of Turkey that have taken to the streets in protest against the rule of the justice and Development Party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan who are trying to turn Turkey into an autocratic sectarian state and who have taken part in The NATO back aggression in Libya and the Pro Imperialist and Saudi backed uprising in Socialist Syria. Erdogn wants to turn Turkey into a puppet force for Us and Zionist aggression in The Pan Islamic Homeland as seen with Erdogan support for Western Imperialism and Global Zion attack on Islamic Socialist Libya and Syria The anti-imperialist masses of Turkey are too proud of a People to permit Turkey to become a puppet force for aggression against its neighbors and now they are rising up to crush the reactionary Pro western AK Government the present revolt in Turkey has been years in the making as many in Turkey have been uneasy and concered with the way that The Erdogan and the AK Government has been negating the Turkish and Turanian character and identity of Turkey and disenfranchising of The Alevi and other non-Sunni Masses within The country. the final goal of the AK government of Erdogan is too set up a Sunni sectarian regime in Turkey. that will loyally serve the interests of Western Imperialism and Zionism. and make Turkey forever a puppet of the west The heroic and revolutionary masses of Turkey are determined to not let this happen and that is why they have taken to the streets of Taksim Square and many other parts of Turkey and this uprising must go on until The wicked and corrupt AK Government is bought down The Pan Islamic Working class must stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Turkey in this great battle the great Turkish people have a great and glorious destiny to fulfill in the service and cause of the Pan Islamic World Proletarian World Revolution.

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