The Pan Islamic Working Class of Turkey Must Rise Up and Come to The Aid of Baathist Syria

The following article was written before the Start of the recent protests in Taksim Square and The Great and ongoing uprising of The Anti-imperialist Masses in Turkey

The Forces of Western Imperial have recently suffered a major setback in Syria with The defeat of The anti Assad Nato backed rebels in The battle of Damascus and along several other fronts and now with the recent bodes incents on Syria borders with Turkey near the city of Akcakale The Western Imperialists are trying to set the stage for a Libyan style intervention in Syria with Turkish ground and air forces in order to overthrow The Government of Syria that is led by President Bashar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party This must not be allowed to happen The Multi Ethnic Pan Islamic Working Class within Turkey both Turkish Kurdish and Arab etc must rise up and come to The aid of Arab Socialist Baathist Syria by rising up in revolt and overthrowing The ruling Justice and Development Party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan within Turkey and in the process create a New anti-imperialist Proletarian Islamic Turkey that will be allied to Baathist Syria and The Islamic Republic of Iran and The camp of anti-imperialist and Anti Zionist Resistance in the region The Pan Islamic Working Class is an International class that transcends the artificial borders of The Pan Islamic Homeland that imperialism has set up to divide The Muslims and our Homeland and Nation. The Pan Islamic Working Class must rise up in revolutionary struggle and restore the political unity of the Pan Islamic Nation. so that all inhabitants of The Islamic homeland Sunni Shia Ahmadiiyya Christian and Jewish can live in peace together in a unified Proletarian Islamic Socialist State. the first step to create this reality today is to protect and preserve Baathist Syria. and The Islamic Socialist society there in that country that was built up by President Hafez Al-Assad and his son The current Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The Multi Ethnic Pan Islamic Working Class of Turkey must do its Proletarian Islamic duty and come to the aid of Baathist Syria Today


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