Statement on The 195th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx Great Forerunner of Proletarian Islam

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam released The following Statement on The occasion of The 195th Anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx Great Forerunner of The Ideology of Proletarian Islam

Today May 5 2013 is the 195th anniversary of The Birth of Karl Marx The Great Forerunner of The ideology of proletarian Islam who forever change the course of world history with his analyst of capitalism and his development of Revolutionary dialectics and historical materialism and with his influence on the thought of such great revolutionary forerunners and forefathers of Proletarian Islam such as Vladimir Lenin Joseph Stalin Sultan Galiev Tan Malaka Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Michel Aflaq Saddam Hussein Hafez Al-Assad Kwame Nkrumah Amilcar Cabral Huey P Newton of The Black Panther Party and Countless others. Karl Marx being a Man of Semitic ethnic heritage in his development of Marxism was influenced by The Great Spiritual and religious thought and Hertagige of The Pan Semitic World. and The Ideology of Marxism is something that all people of Semitic Ethnic and Cultural heritage wherever Jew Arab or any other Semitic Ethnic group can justly take pride in Marxism as The Ideology of Marxism has also become integral part of the ideological and Spiritual heritage of the Pan Semitic World along with Judaism Christianity Islam and the other Semitic ideologies and Religions. Today one of The Key Tasks must be to create a sense of Pan Semitic unity and Nationalism that will include all of the Semitic and Afro-Asiatic speaking Peoples of world all of The Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Peoples of The World Should Unite and Crete a Pan Semitic Socialist State comprised of all of The Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Peoples in the area stretching from Nigeria to Yemen this Pan Semitic State will be a powerful aid to The Pan Original World Revolution in The Global Battle to overthrow and destroy White World Imperialism and Supremacy. Marxism has been a most valuable tool of Liberation for The Pan original Non-White World from Angola to China in the fight to crush and destroy White World supremacy and Imperialism. Marxism is also a part of The heritage and tradition of Germany and all Germans can also take pride in the heritage of Marxism Today in Germany The Land of Karl Marx The Various Muslims ethnic groups make up a very signals and key component of the German Working Class most of The Muslims in Germany are overwhelming of Turkish and Turkic Decent and are Working Class as well The Turkish and Turkic Working Class in Germany are also an Asian Turanian people from Asia. in addition many ethnic White Germans have Ancient Mongol Turkic and Turanian Blood in their Veins going all the way back to The Times of Attila The Hun and The Hunnic khanate or Empire. The ethnic White German Workers should rediscover this aspect of their ethnic heritage and accept the leading role of The Turkish Pan Original Non-White and Islamic Working Class in Germany as The Ethnic White German Working Class can only be a Revolutionary and progressive force when it accepts the leading role of The Non-White Pan Original and Islamic Working Class in Germany, a Germany that reawaken to its Turanian ethnic heritage would be able to spread Revolution into all of The Turkic and Turanian countries from Finland all the way to The Turkic Countries of Central Asia and onwards to Mongolia South Korea and Japan a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Marxist-Leninist Germany would make a perfect fraternal Sister Socialist Turanian State and Ally to The Democratic Republic of Korea The DPRK. together a Turanist Germany and Turanist Socialist Korea could Unite The whole of The Turanian World Under Socialism also and most importantly The creation a an Anti-Imperialist Proletarian Islamic Socialist Germany under The Leadership of The Pan Islamic and Pan Original Working Class would be a great and powerful ally and helper to all Oppressed people around The Globe and this will be a great Testament to the great revolutionary legacy of Karl Marx armed with The True Revolutionary teachings and heritage of Karl Marx The Pan Original and Pan Islamic Working Class shall go on to achieve and score victory after victory in The Future.

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