Hugo Chavez and Pan Islam

one of The Main pillars and geopolitical successes of The Government of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was his pro-Arab and Pro Islamic Foreign Policy in which he allied Venezuela with The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Global Pan Islamic Movement under its Leadership and his Alliances with The Islamic Socialist States in The Pan Islamic Homeland such as Baathist Iraq Under Saddam Hussein and The Pan Africanist islamic Socialist State of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi and Arab Islamic Baathist Syria under President Basher Al-Assad President Hugo Chavez was a Pan Moorish Nationalist who knew in his heart that The People of Venezuela and Latin America as a whole were lost found Islamic Peoples with an Ethnic Cultural and historical connection to The Arab and Islamic World in The Eastern hemisphere and that The Time had come for Latin America to reunite with The Pan Islamic high light this connection President Hugo Chavez took a militant stance in support of The Arab and Islamic Character of Palestine and The Palestinian Arab National Liberation Struggle. President Hugo Chavez will surely go down in History as a Great Pan Islamic Thinker alongside Jamal Ad- Din Al Afghani Sultan Galiev Tan Malaka Muhammad Allama Iqbal Master Fard Muhammad Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Imam Ruhollah Khomeini Louis Farrakhan and The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad. it is the Divine Destiny of The Caribbean and Latin America to link up with and Unite with The Islamic World in a Great and Grand geopolitical Alliance and Bloc That will be capple of Talking Down The Global System of White World Imperialism and White Zionism and bring into a Beng a Pan Original and Pan Islamic Socialist World Oder and System That will be based on Freedom Justice and Equity for The Original and Islamic Peoples of The World. it is the historical task of The Pan Latino and ingenious Working class of The Caribbean and Latin America to carry out and complete The Bolivian Revolution that was started by Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez and unite Latin America and The Caribbean into One Afro Indigenous and Latino Socialist Soviet Republic. Allied to The Pan Islamic Nation and Pan Islamic World Revolution Together The Bolivian Revolution of The Caribbean and Latin America and The Global Pan islamic Revolution will both play Key and deceive roles in The Global Pan Original World Revolution of The Black Brown Red and Yellow Non-White Masses of The World.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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