Armenia Syria Relations Remain Strong

Every since the beginning of the present crisis and attempted  counter-revolutionary    Relations between The Republic of Armenia and The Syrian Arab Republic have remained stong and friendly The  Armenian government  of Serzh Sargsyan has stood by The Syrian  Government  of president  Bashar Al-Assad  during the entries crisis and ha taken in Armenian refugees from Syria who were facing  genocide from the forces of the So-Called Free Syrian Army and its Allies in addition the government of the Republic of Armenia has sent  relief supplies and other humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo and other areas of Syria in a campaign to help the patriotic masses of Syria as they continue to battle and defeat the  Western backed counter-revolution to overthrow the anti-imperialist and Islamic Socialist Government  rent of Bashar Al-Assad   by these actions in Support of Arab Islamic Socialist Syria The Republic of Armenian and the Government of Serzh Sargsyan has remain constant with the Revolutionary and anti-imperialist heritage and traditions of The Great Armenian People. The Armenian Government and the Armenian People should  continue to build political and cultural ties with The Pro Assad Syrian masses within Syria and The Syrian diaspora worldwide including The United States and other Western countries in addition The Armenian People and diaspora along with The Syrian community within the United States should build political ties with The Black and Latino Communities and oppressed Nations within the United States such as The Oppressed masses of occupied masses of  The New Afrikan Black Nation. and occupied Aztlan.  and join in a Great Pan Original Alliance to retake North American  from The Rule of White Imperiaism. all of This is in The Intrests of The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Pan Islamic and Original Asiatic Nation.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at



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