Comrade Huey P Newton Day Statement from The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam

Today is The 71st Anniversary    of The Birth of Comrade  Huey P Newton The Founder of The  Original Black Panther Party for Self Defence out of Oakland California  Comrade Huey P  Newton was perhaps The Greatest  Revolutionary Communist Leader to  ever come out of The United States. Comrade Huey P Newton founded The Black Panther Party for Self Defence in the year 1966 which was ony less than a decade after The  Anti-Communist  witch hunt of US Senator Joseph McCarthy  which was a time of great terror for all Left Wing and Anti-Imperialist Forces within The United States. Coming Out of This political  environment and climate of The 1950s Comrade Huey P newton built The Black Panther Party into The Most Advanced  Maoist Communist Party in The History of The  United States. after being influenced by The Islamic Socialism of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad  and Malcolm X along with The Marxism-Leninism of Mao Zedong   and in The Process he Bought The Ideas of Scientific Socialism to a New generation within The United States and other areas of North America.   and in the process he armed them with Revolutionary Theory to Wage  Revolutionary Struggle against US imperialism from The Very belly of The beast itself. Comrade Huey p  Newton from a Young Age Dream  and Worked for The Complete and Total Liberation of Black People and The Black Nation within The United States and he also  wanted to Create  a Marxist-Leninist Maoist Socialist State  in The United States for all of The ethnic groups that live within the United States.  and in  order to bring about This goal  he studied  and  took up the national Question for every single ethnic group that lives in The United States.   Comrade Huey P Newton Laid a Magnificent and splendid foundation for  North American Revolutionaries of all ethnic backgrounds to learn from and to study and put into practice   and his theory of Revolutionary Intercommunalism should be studied by all Revolutionary Communists Worldwide Today.  The Writings and Works of Comrade Huey P Newton  Should be  read Study Read and Re studied again as they are very relevant to The Times in Which we live The Revolutionary Work and Legacy of Comrade Huey P Newton Shall Endure throughout The Ages.

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