The Green Resistance Strikes in Benghazi Libya

There have been reports that The Green Resistance has  Struck once again in The City of Benghazi The Cradle of The Nato backed rat counter-revolution  in an attack yesterday that targeted   Ayman  Eriq an Official   in The Rat Defence Ministry  of The Nato installed puppet government in a car bomb attack in Benghazi Libya.  there have also been reports of other attacks  as well as  reports of  The Formations of New  Guerilla Cells of The Green Resistance in other  cities and regions of Libya. during This Past Week  The heart and the masses of Libya is still Green and  Nato and the rat installed puppet government in Tripoli  are very much aware of this fac.t  Brother Leader Muammar  Gaddafi and The ideals of Islamic Socialism and The Green Book are still beloved by many in the City of Benghazi  and in all other parts of Libya . The Battle to liberate  Benghazi will go on until The Green Flag files Once Again from every building and Homes in Benghazi and The Whole of Libya  Nothing Can Stop The March and Victory of of The Great Green Resistance in Libya.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Can Be Contacted at


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