Port Said Egypt Leads The Way Towards The Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republics

Egypt for The Past 7 months has been ruled by Mohamed Morsi who has a  mandate  from  Western Imperialism to rule Egypt  and tp destroy Socialist Syria and Remake Egypt and The Arab World in The Image of The Trilateral commission. Things were going semi Smooth for Mohamed Morsi and The reactionary Muslim Brotherhood organization.  as They Took  control of egypt and made  The Country into a Base Area for US Imperialism and The trilateral commission. bit Things have stalled in the past few Weeks  with The Turning of The Tide in Arab Socialist Syria as President Bashar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party and The  Syrian Masses have Beaten back every attempt  by The Muslim Brotherhood take control of Syria  The Arab Baath Socialist Party of Syria have created and Formed New Peoples Militias within The Country with The Help of The Islamic Republic of Iran  and are steadfastly holding Their Ground against The  Syrian reactionaries of The So-Called Free Syrian Army and The Other reactionary Forces within Syria. in Egypt during This Same Period. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist  Masses have begun to see  though  Mohamed Morsi and The Reactionary Muslims Brotherhood organization.   and to start seeing them for the lackeys of Imperialism and Zionism that they are and Tis has let to mass Protest and Uprising across The Country of Egypt. in These latest protests and Uprisings The Noble Islamic Proletarian City of Port Said which has a Glorious Revolution heritage from The Times of Stalin and The Great Revolutionary forefather of Proletarian Islam Gamal Abdel Nasser.  and The Suez war of 1956 all  The Way until The  Day in Which it has assumed  a Vanguard Role in The New Egyptian Revolution against Mohamed Morsi and The Tyrannical and reactionary Muslim Brotherhood organization in This Struggle the Pan Islamic Working Class of Port SAID is Leading The Way Towards a New and genuine Egyptian Revolution The First True Revolution in Egypt Since The Days of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s and His Free Officers. The struggle and Battle must go on until The Creation and Formation of a Proletarian  Islamic Maoist New Democratic Egypt and from There The Battle  Must and Will Go on Until The reunification of The Pan Islamic Homeland from  Senegal to Indonesia and Beyond The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Masses of Port Said Egypt are Leading The Way Towards The Creation of The Union of Islamic Soviet Socialist Republic.which wil be The Global Socialist World Superpowers of tomorrow.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at   proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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