President Bashar Al-Assad Calls on Syrians to Defend Their Country Aganist Western Imperialism Zionism and Arab Reaction

President Bashar Al-Assad in a Speech This weekend in Damascus Called Upon All Syrians  to defend  Their Country against The Imperialist and Wahhabi conspiracy that has formed against it Every Since The beginning of The Current Attempt at Counter Revolution Syrians in The Millions Both at Home and abroad have answered The Call to Defend Syria The Past Few Weeks have Seen  an Increase in  The Number of patriotic Syrians volunteering for The Syrian Arab Armed Forces and Peoples Militias The majority of Syrian in their Millions are committed to The Ideas of Unity Freedom and Socialism for  Syria and The Pan-Arab Nation as a Whole. The Battle in Syria Shall Go On Unity The Muslim Brotherhood  organization The Wahhabis and All Other Anti-Socialist   Reactionaries   of  The So-Called Free Syrian Army   are Crushed and Destroyed


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