President Bashar Al-Assad is Standing Strong and is a True Hero of Proletarian Islam

Today in a     televised    before   The     Syrian    People  President Bashar Al-Assad Stood Strong Tall and defiant as he said that he would never compromise with The murderers  of The Syrian People Such as The  Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood organization and their    allies     who   wise    to  overthrow Arab Socialism and install a Pro Capitalist      and Zionist Regime in its  Place.  Arab Socialist Syria is one of The Last Islamic Socialist States  left in The World Maybe even The Last the Anti-Imperialist  Anti-Zionist and Pro Arab Nationalist and Socialist masses in Syria  are committed to  fighting  for The Preservation  Arab    Socialism         Syria. and They along with President Assad refuse to Give up  and Gave in to The Evil Forces  of  White  Imperialism and Global Zionism and Arab Reaction      all of The Anti-Imperialist ad Anti-Zionist Masses  worldwide to stand with Arab Socialist Syria in This Very Crucial Hour. The Islamic Republic of Iran Islamic Dawaist Iraq  Under   The leadership     of Prime Minster Nouri  Al- Maliki and     Hezbollah     in          Lebanon        Must      Step up There   Support  to Syria  and The Baathist Government    to Match The Support That The Syrian rebels are receiving from Saudi Arabia Qatar and  The Other reactionary Pro Western Arab States  The Pan Islamic Working Class of  Syria and The Arab Homeland as a whole Must Stand with and Support President Bashar Al-Assad as he is The Last Arab Socialist Head of State within The Pan-Arab Homeland. The Islamic Working Class of Syria and Arabia  must be the most militant of  President Assad Supporters and They Must Rally all of The Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Masses of Syria and The Pan-Arab Homeland  to Support President Bashar Al-Assad  in The Battle to defeat The Muslim Brotherhood  The Wahhabis and  all of The Other Arab reactionaries.  The Battle in Syria May Yet Prove to be Long and bloody but This is a Battle That The Pan Islamic Working Class and The Forces of Arab and Islamic Socialism can not afford to Lose   The Proletarian Muslims of The World and The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam are Very Proud   of President Bashar Al-Assad for Standing up Stong for The True           interests     of  the  Arab and Islamic Nation and for Arab and Islamic Socialism President Bashar Al-Assad is a True Hero of Proletarian  Islam and The Proletarian Muslims will continue to stand with and support President Bashar Al-Assad


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