JV Stalin The Great Defender of Asia Over Europe

This is a statement issued by The Central committee of The  International Pan Islamic Communist of Proletarian Islam on  The occasion of The  133rd anniversary of The Birth of  The Great Leader of The International Woking Class and Pan Asiatic Warlord  Comrade Joseph  Vissarionovich Stalin

Today  is The 133rd Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Joseeph Vissarionovich Stalin  The loyal Student and Successor  to The Founder of The Soviet State Vladmir Lenin.  JV Stalin The Great Builder of The Socialist Soviet Union Who in The Great Patriotic War of The Soviet Union  Led The Asiatic and  Pan Original Masses of The Soviet Union to Victory Over The Forces of Adolf Hitler and German led White European Imperialism   in a Heroic  War of  Patriotic Defence and National Liberation The Wicked Forces of German and European imperialism were defeated and The  Red Flag of Victory was Hosted Over The German Reichstag Building in Berlin Germany The capital of German Imperialism. This Great Victory would not Have Been possible Without The Leadership of Comrade Joseph Stalin. who  with His Defence of Revolutionary Leninism against The Revisionism of The Trotskyists  Zionovyevites  Bukharinites and Other Revisionist Currents within The Soviet Union Along With His overall political Leadership of The Soviet State which  laid The foundations for The Victory of The Asiatic  Soviet Union and  Pan Asiatic World  Over National Socialist Germany and its Mad Dictator Adolf Hitler.  The White Imperialist Germanic Devil Adolf Hitler  wanted to Expand The Borders of The Germanic and White European World up to The Borders of The Ural mountains and Wipe out and Enslave The Finnic Slavic  Iranic Turkic Masses of The Soviet Union. as The First Step in a War of Conquest  Against The Whole of The Asian Continent and it Fell to Comrade Joseph Stalin to Combat and Defeat This Mad Plan of Adolf Hitler and The Germanic World to Conquer Asia.  Comrade Stalin who regarded himself and The Soviet Union as Asian Country was able to  totally defeat Adolf Hitler and The European Germanic World in The Great Racial and Holy War of 1941-1945 and in The Process secured The safety of The entire Asian Continent and The Asian World  from white European colonialism   and imperialism. Thus Comrade JV Stalin Become The Defender of Asia Over Europe.    Comrade Joseph Stalin Was a Great and Proud Son of Asia and The Asiatic World  and he was born in  on the borders of Asia and Europe  in  the  nation of Georgia in The Caucasus Mountains  which was then under  Czarist occupation Georgia was on and is the Borders Where The Iranic Slavic and Turkic Worlds Meet forge the character and mindset of   Stalin in his  childhood and early  youth.  later on Stalin  being  of man of Iranic  ethnic and cultural Origins developed a Very Deep and Profound Love  for The  Russian People and Nation During His Travels and  Exiles Within Russia. and After The Victory of The Soviet Revolution During His Time  of Leadership   Over The Soviet Union Comrade Stalin Would Do Much to  Orient The Slavic  Russian masses Towards a  pro  Pan Asian and Pan Original  racial and political   orientation. The Rule of Comrade Stalin saw and witnessed  The flourishing of The national culture and  identities  of The Armenians Azerbaijanis  Byelorussians   Estonians Latvians  Lithuanians Tatars Tajiks  Turkmen Uzbeks and Other Peoples of The Soviet Union  The Socialist construction of The Soviet Union and The Victory of The Asiatic Soviet Union in The War With National Socialist Germany Would Lead to The acceleration of The National Liberation movements of  Pan Original  Non-White Peoples Around The World Such as in Korea Where Comrade Kim Il Sung in an military alliance with the Soviet Union and the Chinese revolutionaries  would Lead The Revolutionary Masses of Korea to Victory Over Japanese Imperialism and The Establishment  of The Democratic Republic of Korea in The Northern Half of The Country.  and in China as well where  The Victory of The Great Chinese New Democratic  Revolution  Under Chairman  Mao Zedong great  political leadership   would  tip  The Balance  of Global Power   in favor of  Socialism and The Pan Original Non-White Masses of The World over the forces of white western imperialism.  in Europe  The Anti-fascist   National Liberation War of The Albanian People Under The Leadership of  Comrade Enver Hoxha   also  was victorious  Over The Forces of Italian  and German Fascism and Imperialism. all of These Great Revolutions were inspired by The Great Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Teachings of Comrade Stalin.  The Teachings of Comrade Josep Stalin would also inspired The Islamic Socialism of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Malcolm X within North America. and The Islamic Socialism of Muhammad Ali Jinnah  and Other Islamic Socialist Leaders in Pakistan.  Today The Pan Islamic Working Class Must Now Look to Study and Apply  Comrade JV Stalin Teachings and Methods on The dictatorship of The Proletarian  Working Class Like Never Before as Stalinist  Measures Methods Must Be used within our Beloved  Pan Islamic Homeland to weed out and crush   The Muslim Brotherhood organization and Wahhabism Along With Other Reactionary  feudal and Bourgeois Tendencies with The Pan Islamic Homeland.  The Proletarian Muslims  and The Pan Islamic Working Class will alway uphold The Revolutionary legacy of Comrade JV Stalin The Great Defender of   Asia Over Europe.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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