Long Live The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Today October  7 2012 is the 115th Anniversary of The Birth of The Great Islamic Socialist Revolutionary The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  in Sandersville Georgia  which was an event that changed the course of  Islamic and World History forever as it was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that  Made Islam  into a Major Religion and  ideological Social Force in The United States and Other Western Countries. The Nation of Islam under The Leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad  Become The Major Islamic Socialist and Afro-Arabian Nationalist Force in The Western World The Honorable Elijah Muhammad built an Islamic Socialist Economy  within The United States and Other Areas . which at the same time building Political and social Ties with The Islamic Socialist States of  Egypt and Libya under  President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Muammar Gaddafi Respectfully and Other Socialist States such as Cuba and Maoist China among Others  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was also an Pan Indigenous Nationalist who taught The Ethnic and Political Unity of The  Black Brown  and Red Indigenous Nations and Peoples of North and South America, and the Talking Back of North and South America from White European Rule  The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad also led to The Creation and Emergence of The Original Black Panther Party of Huey P Newton  and Kwame Ture s Call for Black Power and The Creation of The Great Black Power Movement of the 196os and 1970s  The Islamic Socialist and Afro-Arabian Semitic Nationalist Teachings and Ideology of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has laid The Ideological Foundation for The Final Victory of The Lost Found Pan Original Masses of North America and The World in The Global Battle and War to Defeat Crush and Destroy The Global Rule of The White European Capitalists Race and The Creation of an Pan Original Asiatic World that Will Be Led by The Black Brown Red Yellow  Slavic and Semitic Masses of The World.

The International Pan Islamic  Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can Be contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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