Statement on The Shooting at The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian sends Our Condolences to The families Friends and Love Ones of The Victims of The White Racist Shooting attack  at The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. this attack  is a sigh of  the fear of The White European American Population to the changing Ethnic   Religion and Culture Demographics of The United States of America. and  we can expect more such attacks in The future  as  White Society in North America. declines and falls This attack also shows that The Sikh Community in North America. is an Oppressed Asian Community. and that The Sikh Community must link its future and destiny with The Long Suffering Black and Latino Masses in North American and with The  Pan  Islamic Working Class.  North America which  is The Vanguard Revolutionary Force in North America.   only in that way  an The Oppressed Sikh Community in North American Win its Freedom and liberation from White Racism. this attack on The Sikh Temple  of Wisconsin also shows that Anti-Sikh Racism and Prejudice in North America is linked to and Related to Islamophobia. as it is said that The Shooter of  The Sikh Temple taught that Sikhs are Muslims. The Sikh Community in North American must Join Hands and Unite with The Oppressed Masses of Aztlan The New Afrikan Black Nation  Puerto Rico and The Indigenous Native American Nations in a  Joint Revolutionary Struggle to Take  Overturn The Rule of The White Race in North America. when this Glorious Task is Done and Completed There will be a New Order in North America that will be Bases on Freedom  Justice and Equality for All Original Non-White People.


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