Iran Must Enter The War in Syria to Defend its National Honor

45  Iranian Pilgrims in Syria have been kidnapped by The Pro-Imperialist and Pro Zionist So-Called Free Syrian Army  over the Weekend this is an outrage that should not be taken laying down it is high time for the Islamic Republic of Iran to intervene Militarily in Syria directly.  Military units of The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Grounds and The Basij should be sent into Syria and Lebanon by the Millions to help President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian People to crush this  Reactionary Pro Imperialist Revolt and free The Iranian Pilgrims in The Process. at the same time Iran Should  assist The Shia Arab Masses in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in their revolts against The pro Imperialist and Pro Zionist  Governments in those Two Countries. and help  free The Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. from Wahhabi Control. at the same time The Islamic Republic of Iran Must strengthen its  tiles with The Pan Iranian World. such as The Countries of Afghanistan  Armenia Tajikistan and Other Areas of The Pan Iranian World. and Create a Pan Iranian Bloc that can Challenge The Reactionary  Arab States in The Persian Gulf. after The Reactionary Arab Rulers in The Persian Gulf have been Destroyed The  Pan Iranian Nation and Iranian Civilization will be able to experience a New Golden Age on This Earth.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be contacted at


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