Aleppo Shall Remain a Baathist City

The City of Aleppo Syria Shall remain a Baathist City and there is nothing that The  rats of The  So-Called  Free Syrian Army Can Do About It The Majority of The Masses of Aleppo Syria are with President Bashar Al-Assad and The National Progressive  Front.  that is under His Leadership and they are  determined to fight on with The Baathist Syrian Government.  until The Rebels of The So-Called Free Syrian Army Shall be Aleppo and The Rest of Syria as well and Syria shall go  to defeat The Wicked Conspiracy  of  Saudi Arabia Qatar and the rest of The Reactionary Arab States in their plan to Dominate The Arab Nation and Homeland.The Battle in Syria Shall go on and continue until Western Imperialism and Its Lackeys on The Ground are Crushed and Defeated.


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