Socialist Syria of The Baath Must Be Supported

Socialist Syria Under The Leadership of President Basair Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party must be supported at all  costs  by the Anti Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Camp of The World if  The Syrian Government  of President Bashar Al-Al-Assad is overthrown it will be a severe setback for  all of the Anti imperialist and anti-Zionist  Camp of Resistance in the  Greater Syrian Region of The Islamic Homeland. The Fight  that is now Taken Place in Syria is a   life and Death Struggle  to preserve the Great Rear Guard Base Area of The Anti-Imperialist and anti-Zionist Struggle to liberate Palestine from The White European occupation  that has befallen the country since 1948. President Bashar Al-Assad like hs his father before him is a staunch Pan-Arab and Pan Syrian Revolutionary Nationalist   who  is commented to the liberation of all of Greater Syria from Imperialist and Zionist  occupation and this is why Western White Power imperialism and Global Zionism  is so determined to bring down and overthrow hs Government at this Time. This must not be allowed to happen The  International Pan Islamic working Class. and All of The Ant-Imperialist and  Anti-Zionist Camp of The World Must Rally to The Support of Arab Socialist Syria. as Today Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad  and The Noble Revolutionary Syrian Masses  Under His leadership are  in The Vanguard of The Anti-Imperialist World Struggle.


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