Easter Message to The Orthodox Christans in The Pan Islamic Homeland

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  and The Proletarian Muslims would Like to Extend and Say Happy Easter to The Dear Orthodox Christians That   dwell and Live within Our Great Pan Islamic Homeland who are an integral part of Islamic Civilization and The Pan Islamic Nation. this Easter cames at a time when war clouds are brewing within our Pan Islamic Homeland in Syria The Reactionary Muslim Brotherhood organization and The Saudi backed and funded Wahhabi group which to overthrow the  Pro Christian Islamic Socialist  Government of  President Bashar Al-Assad and put in its place a Saudi Arabian style  Wahhabi Terror Regime that will oppressed the  Christians Population of Syria.  Orthodox Christians in Syria and throughout The Arab and Islamic Homeland must rally around and Support President Bashar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party Call upon all  Patriotic Arab Christians to rally to The Defence of President Bashar Al-Assad and The Syrian Government under His Leadership. as Arab Christians you are the literal blood Sons and Daughters of The Lord Jesus Christ Who was an Arab from The Land of The Arabs.  and you understand well the need for Holy Jihad in Defence of The Great Arab Homeland in this  Hour. To The Orthodox Christians of Iran The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Calls Upon you to Stand With and Support  Your Government The Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran in this  Hour as Israel  is posed to attack Iran because of its steadfast support of The Palestinian  Cause and The Libration of Palestine. Together Orthodox Christians and Muslims of All Sects Will and Must March and Fight together in Defence of Our Sacred Islamic Homeland  and we Shall with The Help of Almighty God Allah Have Victory and destroy Imperialism and Global Zionism.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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