Easter Message to Russia Return to Your Asian Identity and Heritage

The International Pan Islamic Communist Proletarian Islam issued and Released This Statement To The Great Russian Nation on The  Occasion of Orthodox Easter

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would  like to extend and Say Happy Easter to   the Great Russian Nation and People  and Salute you for your Many Great Contributions  to The Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist World Struggle  in Both The Past and The Present  this Easter Day Russia you have long been a Vanguard Nation in  Asia’s  Centuries old battle with The White  Western European World from The Days of The Germanic  Teutonic Knights to The Times of Napoleon and Hitler you have battle the White Western European World and Won each time you Won and have been Glorious and have come out Stronger each time that The White Western World attacked and Invaded Russia you are The Great Messiah Nation   with a Divine Messianic Mission that Mission is to be a Vanguard Nation of The Asiatic Non-White Eastern World in Its Divine War to Crush and Destroy The Evil White Western World.  if you join  the Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of The World. you will  receive a Great Blessing from Allah and have a Major Role in The Pan Original Socialist World of The Future. Reject Europe and The White Western World and Join The Eastern Asiatic World. and Return to The Revolutionary Pan Asianist Path of Alexander Nevsky Czar Ivan The IV Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Mirza Sultan Galiev Nikolai Trubetzkoy and Joseph  Stalin. Russia  Come Home to The East and Re embrace   your Great Asian Identity and Heritage.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of  Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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