Statement on The Murder of Brother Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman Only a Proletarian Islamic Socialist Jihad Will End The Killing of Black People by Racist White America

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns  and denounces in  The Cold Blooded murder of Brother Trayvon Martin  by George Zimmerman in  The city of Sanford Florida on February 26 1012 the Killing was unprovoked and unjust Brother Trayvon Martin was racially profile and singled out on the basis of his Race and Class and was shoot Dead by George Zimmerman  who had racially profiled Young Brother Trayvon Martin.acts of Violence and murder against Young Black  Teens and Men is all to Common in The Racist and Imperialist United States of America. and they must end  only a Proletarian Islam Socialist Jihad led by The Black Islamic Working Class   and The Creation of  a Black Power Socialist State . can end the Racist attacks and Killings of Black People by the White Racist Masses and The Imperialist United States Government. we are with the Family   of Trayvon   Martin  and The Massive United Front  that has formed around The Tragic killing of Young Brother Trayvon Martin and their Call from Justice in this Case but at the same time we  say to The Masses of The Black Nation and The World that  The Killing of Young Brother Trayvon Martin is bigger then George Zimmerman. as George Zimmerman has been taught by White Imperialist Society to hate  Target and kill  Young Black Men. in America. it is The Wicked White Racist American Government and White American Society as a whole who are at fault and should and must  bear the blame for The Brutal Murder of Young Brother Trayvon Martin, these killings of Black People by The Racist White American Masses will continue until The Black Islamic Working Class and Revolutionary Masses Rise up in The  Spirit of  Gabriel Prosser  Denmark Vesey  Nat Turner Malcom X  The Most Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad. and  waged A Revolutionary  Armed Struggle for The Creation of an Independent and Separate Black Nation State in North America Stretching from Eastern Texas to  South Eastern Pennsylvania. in This Action The Black Islamic Working Class and Revolutionary Black Masses will be following The True Sunna of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah [PBUH[  as The Holy Prophet Muhamamd ibn Abdullah [PBUH[ in his day also had to Rebel and waged Armed struggles  against The reactionary and unjust Governments in Arabia and Iran in His Time. Almighty God Allah is Always with The oppressed and Today Few Others in The World are as oppressed as The Lost and Now Found Black Nation in North America. The Creation of an Independent and Separate Black Nation.  in North America. will finally at  Long Last fulfill The  Life Vision  and Work of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. let is now ALL Rise up like Never Before and bring This Great Day into Indepedent Black Nation on North American Soil.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at


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