A Passover Message to The Ethiopian Hebrew Israelites Mizrahi and Moorish Jews of Occupied Palestine

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to extend a Happy  Passover to To all of The Ethiopian Mizrahi Hebrew Israelites and  Moorish Jewish Populations within Occupied Palestine  as Ethiopian Mizrahi and Moorish Jews you are the true Blood descendants of Abraham Issac  Jacob and  the  Great Hebrew Israelite Kingdom of David and Solomon  you have much that you can be proud of as The True Sons and Daughters of The Hebrew Prophets and The True Historical Hebrew Civilization of Ancient Times. ever since you have arrived in Israel you have suffered discrimination   and Racism from the The White European Jewish Population who control the State of Israel. The Time has come for you to suffer no more and unite with your fellow Semites The Palestinian Arabs  in a common struggle and United Front to overthrow the racist White Ashkenazi Ruling class in Israel and Create a Pan Semitic Socialist State in its Place that will fully  embrace the Palestinians and be able to integrate into The Afro-Arab  Semitic and Islamic Region of The Greater Middle East and Africa.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be Contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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