A Special Chag Pesach Sameach Happy Passover Greeting to The Iranian Jewish Community of The Great Iranian Nation and Iranian Diaspora

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on this Auspicious  occasion  wishes to  say Happy Passover  to The Jewish Community of Iran and The Greater Iranian Nation  and Diaspora who love and support the Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran and who love and take pride in belonged to The Great Iranian Nation   and too Iranian and Islamic civilization and Culture.  which is The Great  civilization and culture   of Cyrus The Great who was a Prophet of Allah mention in The Holy Quran under The Name of Dhul-Qarnayn  Passover is an integral part of  Iranian and Islamic Civilization as Judaism grew up out of and was profoundly influenced by Ancient Iranian culture and  traditions and  the Proto Semitic  Culture of The Ancient Semitic World which is known to the World Today as Islam.  The Values of Passover are Islamic values as The Passover Story and History is referenced widely throughout The Holy Quran. this Year observance of Passover comes at a time of increased tensions and a possible  military strike on Iran by The Zionist State of Israel ever since 1979 The Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran has been in the vanguard of the world Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist Struggle. with is support for The Pan Islamic Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon. in this Struggle with The Zionist Regime in Israel The World Iranian Jewish community must stand with  their Homeland  The Islamic Republic of Iran. in Israel The Zionist Enity The Jews of Iranian Decent must unite with the Other Mizrahi Jews and bring down The Zionist Regime from within by  uniting with The Palestinian  and other oppressed masses and  ethnic  groups within Palestine   and destroy the Racialist White Nationalist Social System and Occupation. of Arab and Semitic Palestine that was crested and put in place by the White Racist Ashkenazi European Jews and create a Socialist Pan Semitic Palestine where all the inhabitants of the Land can enjoy true  freedom  Equity and Social Justice under an Socialist System. in North America where many Iranian Jews reside The Iranian Jewish Population must join hands and unite with  the Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses in the Pan Original World Revolution   against Global White supremacy . and support the National Liberation Struggles of The New Afrikan Black Nation  The Mexicno Nation of Aztlan   and Puerto Rico and all of The Various First Nation indigenous Peoples all of this is in the true interests and Destiny of The World Iranian Jewish Community as the Sons and Daughters of Queen Esther.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can  be Contacted at proletarianislam@yahoo.com


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